In this months guitarworld, i saw a commercial about ernie ball strings. The packiging was diffrent, and it said something about more tone, more powerfull, brighter etc... Is this a new set of strings, or is just the packiging diffrent??
They are Cobalt strings... You could have just gone to ernie ball website.
You're probably thinking of the new Cobalt strings.
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There's more tone. They're more powerfull (sic), and brighter.

Seriously, they aren't out yet, there's not a lot we can tell you beyond the stuff online. We have exactly as much information as you do right now.
I don't think they're coated, but seeing as how they're cobalt, not steel-plated they could very well last longer. I'm not an Ernie Ball kinda guy but I may try them out if they put out a set of .11-49s.
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