Ok so I bought a new seagul s6 slim.. 1.72" nut width. Now I know it could be partly user error but I have noticed a lot of buzzing of the strings, it only doesn't do it when I use a really thin pick.. Like .38 I think it is lol. And If I put a capo on the second fret forget it.. I play wonderwall (obviously..) and even playing slow to get finger placement great I get a lot of buzzing with a normal gauge pick. Should I bring it back to have it looked at? I just don't want to look like a noob, because I've only been playing for a month.
it could be you're not able to push the strings hard enough due to high action. that would be more my experience with new seagulls, but by all means have it looked at. that way, you'll know what the issue is.
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Take it to a shop, but mention that you're a beginner and the problem could be you and not the guitar. If they don't find any thing wrong it's probably you, but you never know until the guitar gets checked. My strings buzzed when I started out because my fingers weren't strong yet, and you could be having the same problem.
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