Episode 1 featured on Guitar World!

Episode 2 (NEW)

Hey guys I'm back and I just released the 2nd episode yesterday. I'm so stoked that Guitar World featured the first video on their site last week. It was unreal! While the first one is a more accurate representation of a modern guitarist, the 2nd one is a definitely crazier and over-the-top.
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Silly strings.
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You repeated too many stuff from the 1st video.

Pretty much this. The wonderwall(bra) was funny
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lol the first one was pretty good but I don't think you need more than one.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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This was pike a "deleted scenes" from the first one
جورجيا الاباحى؟ أيها
TS is awesome


Btw can we get pics of your sweet pedal board :P
i especially like the NES >_>
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This was pike a "deleted scenes" from the first one

Yea I know what you mean haha. The 2nd one is basically a parody of the first one. Just a little something extra.

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TS is awesome


Btw can we get pics of your sweet pedal board :P

I did a whole vlog on my pedalboard Did you see it? I can get detail pics next time.
hahaha nice work, GUITAR SOLO!
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Are you trying to say that Paul Gilbert is shit ( The drill thing).

Woah no way. Paul Gilbert is beyond amazing. I'm glad you got the reference but I was just trying to depict how crazy the idea of using a power drill is. Jimmy Page used a cello bow, Jason Becker used a Yo-Yo. Guitarists are so entertaining and honestly I love it. I'm obviously no Gilbert but that wasn't the point of the video.
Haha awesome.
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This whole thing reminded me of my friend haha.
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