I just wanted to show some original self recorded songs from a Norwegian metal band called Nordmadur.
It's a hardworking band which I think deserves some recognition out there.

All the songs are recorded and mixed by the band itself and are just demoes.
Currently we've released 5 songs and they're all found on this soundcloud link

Please take the time to check em out and I hope for some reply and constructive critiscism
The band is a 5 piece band, nothing is electronically created. we had a friend step in for some keyboard parts that's all. we have 2 guitarists, 1 bass player, 1 drummer and a vocalist doing both cleans and growls. I see we've had some views, would be nice with some feedback as we are a growing and learning band. We've currently remastered some songs with better singing and a better mix of guitar and drum sounds, but those remasters will probably be released together with our music video from a live show we did.

TL;DR: We need feedback to improve