Just another, I need advise for a new guitar thread. Sorry in advance.

Ok so here's the go. I'm an internediate guitarist. I play nothing but death metal, deathcore and hardcore. I want a 7 string. Now, I don't have a huge budget. Well it's small actually. I have around 600-700 AUS! I live in South Australia if that helps.

I have been looking at a used Ltd sc207 with emg 707s. I'm not sure whether I should go for that or get some sort of ibanez. I could get a used rga7 for around 600. Lately I've seen a few of those rg7321's. What are they like? I was under the impression they're horrible but that's just be judging.

Help me guys, is that sc207 gonna sound good? Or should I just get something stock and do something to it after I've saved more cash?
RG7321s are okay, nothing special. RGA7s are quite nice, play quite well but would definitely need a pickup swap to sound good. I've never played an SC but I would like to - they're pretty popular though I think the 600 series would be better to aim for if possible.

Other general options are schecters if you like them they make a few 7s. And older Ibanez 7 strings (RG7420/7620) if you can find them used.
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Thanks mate I'll look into the older ibanez. Havnt really seen or read much on them.