Looking to buy a new set of headphones.

I'm going to be using them at home on my pc so i don't care how big they are. It's going to be used for music and movies and nothing much after that. maybe some light gaming and home recording but mostly for music and movies.
I want actual headphones that cup over your ears. I was thinking something from shure, audio-techica, sony or seinheisser but haven't had much time to do research. If anyone has any suggestions or advice, please comment.

I don't mind if they are closed or open back, i just want the best sound. Also, i listen to mostly rock so i don;t want booming bass and that it becomes muddy. i just want it to be articulate and clear so i can hear every note. And as the title says, i'm looking to spend anything between 80-120 AU.
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Quote by rock.freak667
AU?? Astronomical Units??

I'm assuming is Australian Dollars, perhaps.
I don't know anything about headphones, but I hear those previously mentioned Dr. Dre ones are good.
not sure how much 120AU is but I love my JVC HA-RX900's
120 australian dollars so what they'd sell in USA for 70-100. And no, i really hate the dr. dre ones. they are over priced, cheap quality and don't sound that good. it's mostly for the name and the look