So, while browsing youtube, I came across this band; PUi. I gotta say, one of the best new bands I've come across in a while. Anyhow, they are in need of $10,000 to produce their first album, and I for one would really like to see them make it. I wouldnt be on here writing about them if I didnt like their sound or see the potential of the band. Plus, it'd be really cool to be part of the album's production. Any how, here is the link to donate; if you feel like it that is:


Here is a link to one of their song's "Army of Slaves"


Also guys, I have no affiliation with the band. I just happened to stubble upon a youtube link and really liked what I heard. I'm hoping they reach their goal because the album sounds like its gonna kick a$$.
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Anyhow, they are in need of $10,000 to produce their first album

What. Albums do not need to be that expensive.
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