I've heard that a lot of pedals are notorious for being "tone suckers" when turned off. I'm running a Fender Telecaster and I loooove the cleans on this baby and wouldn't want a TS9 to ruin it.

Now I know the TS9 isn't true bypass, would it have an affect on my cleans when its off?

Side question: I'm not a big effects guy so I'm very ignorant about them, but how do some pro guitarists have a huge pedal chain without sacrificing their tone?
No, they are quite good in that regard.
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Doesn't affect it at all. I have an 808 Reissue running through my Marshall. Sounds beautiful.
Well, in theory a buffered bypass pedal WILL affect your sound BUT weather it is audible or not is the question. Ibanez had pretty good buffers so you should be fine. If you don't like the bypass you can always true bypass it.
A good buffer is better than true bypass.

Huge pedalboards usually have a lot of buffers on them.
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Depends. Too many buffers can be a bad thing and the same is with too many true bypass pedals. Ideally, buffers at the beginning and end, true bypass in the middle.

As for using just this one pedal, if you have long cables, the buffer should help you out. It's just a matter of if the buffer is making it sound worse or not to you.
You could get a Tubescreamer copy with true bypass like teh Green Rhino (which I havd ) for the same price.

Also has a bass boost and a curve knob.
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Side question: I'm not a big effects guy so I'm very ignorant about them, but how do some pro guitarists have a huge pedal chain without sacrificing their tone?

Most pros use pedals with good buffers and true bypass, both of which will alter your sound in a long chain, but having a big effects chain doesn't really "sacrifice" your tone, it just changes it. Their sound is based off what their guitar sounds like through a big chain of pedals so plugged directly into an amp they might not sound the same.
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both cases really.

there are poor buffers (in most cheaper buffered pedals) which suck tone,

or there is a long string of TB pedals, you will get tone suck too.

the best way to go is to get/build a buffer and put it is the first thing on your board if you were running a bunch of TB pedals.

i have one pedal board that is medium in size (maybe three out front three in loop). quite a few loops are buffered on more expensive amps, so that wouldn't be concerning.

IMO if you are running more than four things out front i would consider a buffer. that is just from my experience, i am sure some people will dispute that.

Visual Sound are known to be great BBP pedals, and convenient to put out front.

i would personally go all TB however having a tube buffer (not overly cheap, but not insane). it would do what you want without sacrifice.
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