Ok I am on my third schecter one had gouges in the neck next one had bad frets and a low cut locking nut, new one has minor buzz on low e and a lol(but enough to hear it a bit out of the amp), relief if I hold down at 1 and where body meets neck is at roughly the size of 1 or 2 business cards and I think action is at 4 64th (will get a proper measurement soon), So what else should I check, seems worse at a string then e which is weird.... Have yet to change strings on this one since I ran out on last one.... (Just so you guys know these are all new and Musicians Friend Customer service has been really great giving me a really really great deal on a Schecter Hellraiser due to all this.) Will prob take it to a shop tomorrow but I will not get a set up from them due to probs I had with them after the last setup and them wanting money yet were unable to fix it due to defects with the guitar.... Anyway I guess I should also ask if anyone knows a luthier in the high point nc area?
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What does the action look like on it? 90% of the Schecter/Ibanez/ESP etc. guitars I've played have had minor buzz issues coming straight from the factory. They put the action far too low in my opinion. A set up may be all it needs.