New to the forum, but looking for any direction on the best posts for how to warm up, and properly structure a good practice session. Where do you start?

Feedback appreciated.

I start out with stretches, stretching my shoulders (I developed bursitis in my left shoulder from not stretching it enough before playing guitar, so I highly recommend that you stretch. Bursitis sucks.) then I stretch my arms, and finish with my wrists, fingers, and neck.

From there I warm up my right hand with a metronome. Find a nice and slow beat (around 80bpm is comfortable for me to start out at), and subdivide it into several groups (16ths, 8ths, triplets, sextuplets, etc.) and then bump up the tempo and repeat.

From there I do a couple cross-picking exercises (a few are found on John Petrucci's DVD 'Rock Discipline,' which I highly recommend, and another are from Joe Satriani's book 'Guitar Secrets.')

And then I continue my warm up with my left hand. Just doing chromatic runs up and down the neck with a metronome on a beat in 16th notes (I usually start at around 120bpm) and bump it up 8bpm after playing the run cleanly.

That's my warm up schedule. Hope it helped out

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One practice session means in the end very little by itself, what you should think about are your long-term and short-term goals and how to get to them.

Then when you have your long-term and short-term goals it starts to get easier to look at the schedule you need. Think about what your weaknesses and strengths are and keep them in mind when making the schedule. Leave the things you're the best at a little less time, but don't forget them.

It could help to create a list of things you have to practice (to get to the short-term goals) and the sub-branches they have.. Like Chords: triads, extended chords, barre chords. Technique: alternate picking, hammer-on's and pull-off's etc. etc.
The list can get very long, endless if you think about it too much, but it's very helpful when creating future schedules and you can just pick the ones you have problems with and the ones you wish to improve now, and I think every practice session should be different with different goals and new problems.

A teacher could really help you, but if you're not getting one, then you're the best person to create the perfect schedule for you. It really is not rocket science
I use a mix of Rock Discipline and Freepower exercises.
I start with warm up, then some string crossing and skipping, arpegios (no sweep, just in alt, its harder :p), and chromatic scales (to try to keep my fingers near the fretboard and independance).
Then I do exercises for legato (stamina ...).

And to finish, I work on a song
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Thanks (max, Unrelaxed, and Syndromed)! Your advice is greatly appreciated, and spot on with the type of feedback I was looking for. Any additional pointers you can offer with respect to how to navigate this website and forums would also be appreciated. There is a lot of information there, and sometimes finding the right place to start is key.

But again, your feedback is great - thank you!