what it is, is a VST. Which pretty much is an effect you plug into a track in a DAW (Reaper, Cubase, Protools, etc). You can't use it stand alone, you must use it as an effect in a DAW.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about at all, just google how to use a VST or something.
Which software are you using? The only reason i ask is because this may effect where your VST plugins are stored on your computer. Are you using MAC or PC? You will simply need to drop your dll into the directory where all your other VST's are located. Or if you are like me, make a subdirectory under that one and point your DAW to look in the sub direcrory for the plugin.

Whatever the case, your DAW should be configured (VST CONFIGURATION) to "look" for the plugins in a certain folder. Thats where it needs to be. No installation or anything required.

I use that plugin as well and its a sweet one!