Hey guys, I'm new here, so if any of this is dumb or already posted, I apologize. I'm just needing a place to start, so I thought I would try here. If there was a Guitar Center close by, I probably would have went there first to avoid the embarrassment. Basically, I'm interested in recording my own music, and was hoping you all could help me out. I'm wanting to purchase a guitar affects pedal and/or a synthesizer that can produce similar sounds to bands such as Star****er, Deerhunter, and The Meeting Places. Also, maybe a drum machine (I want to be self-sufficient). I know jack about what is a good brand of effects pedal and whatnot, or what is a good price, starting accessory, etc. The only experience I've had is with a Digitech RP80, which was around $70. I'm sure that is a good starter, but I feel that a lot of the effects sound cheap and unusable for what I'm interested in. I'm aware that these bands probably have thousands of dollars worth of equipment, but I was hoping that maybe there was some equipment that is nearly as good for cheaper. If there are any substitution software programs that can do similar things but for free or less, I'm also interested. For example, I have messed around a little with LSDJ (a program that uses 8-bit notes). I've been playing guitar a long time, so if you were wondering, I think I have to skill to get the most out of this equipment I simply haven't been interested in recording until now. Well, sorry for the long-winded question, but any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks. =)