So, I have a Jackson JS32R Dinky loaded with .11-.54 Ernie Ball strings, and they never seem to hold tuning. The string to lose turning first is usually the G string (teehee!), then things get gradually out of tune.

My locking nuts are screwed in nice and snug...ly.

This will happen even without use of the Floyd Rose on it.

This has happened on every set of strings I've used on it.

Why? D: Halp?
Most likely one of three things:
1) The bridge and/or neck hasn't been properly set up for .11 strings. You may need to adjust the spring tension and height of the bridge or adjust the truss rod to get the correct balance betwen the strings, springs and neck. There is a stickied thread here explaining how to go about setting a guitar up for a Floyd properly.
2)The knife edges (the parts that the bridge pivots on) on the Floyd have worn down. There's really not much you can do about this, it happens to almost all cheap Floyd units. Replacing the bridge is usually the only solution.
3)You're not stretching your strings properly when you restring the guitar.
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Hm. Thanks.

1. I always diddle with the springs, that much I know. Never did get around to checking the truss rod...

2. Oh no

3. Come to think of it, I don't think I did stretch them. I strung them, tuned them, let it sit, tune, sit, etc. until the pitch didn't dramatically change.
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