Hi I'm looking into to buy an electric bass. I have some experience because I play the guitar and would like a bass to be able to play the bass sections on tabs that I look up, since the thinner strings on the guitar don't cut it . Do you guys have any suggestions on an entry level bass (leaning towards a four string bass.)
Thanks a lot
I know Squier might have a bad reputation in your head, but believe me, their bass guitars are pretty decent. Their guitars are the ones that suck; you should get one. But remember, before buying, PLAY IT.
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my one friend started out on a Laguna bass. its pretty decent! not a fan of the tone, although that might be the 3 year old strings haha another friend has an ibanez gio thats alright. it was a little rough when he got it at first but after tweaking the truss rod to get rid of the bow in the neck its pretty good for the price.

Definitely agree with squiers though. The guitars suck, but they make some decent basses for the price. Almost got a squier 5 string when i went to get a new bass this summer but got a Schecter Raiden cause it has humbuckers with a split coil.
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