What are you guy's thoughts on this type of setup. I'm currently using one but I've been debating on whether to get a "normal" head or to just leave it alone. What are some pros and cons between the two? If you could also recommend some good SS heads (I'm not too in to the tube sound), that would be awesome!!
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i think it's the carrying thing- is it easier to carry a combo and another 1x12, or a head and a 2x12?

also depends on the amp design- if it disconnects the internal speaker when an external speaker is connected then there's not much point, in that case head + cab would be better.
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My main concern would be whether the speaker out is 'extension' or 'external', external muting the internal speaker. If it does mute the internal speaker then it's totally pointless, unless you had a small 110 combo for home, and that you plugged into a 412 for gigs.