Whats the best way to tell if a pedal is analog or digital other than sound? Im not exactly sure what makes a pedal analog or digital, I am not too savvy on these sorts of things. I know the definition difference but I couldnt tell you if it hit me in the face. Are most single effect pedals analog? I know digitech must be digital, right? Thanks for helpin me with my probably silly question, I just have never looked into it until now.
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It'll usually say something about it on the pedal. For example, I use an Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy, and it says "Analog Delay" on the pedal itself. As far as single pedals, there's really no pattern...and yes, Digitech makes all digital effects. What really distinguishes an analog from a digital delay is the amount of delay time in each. Analog delays seldom have more than one second (usually not even THAT much), whereas digital delays have a lot more, sometimes as much as two seconds. However, analog delays sound "warmer" and are preferred by many players for that reason, and digital delays have cold, "digital" sound (go figure). Anyways, hope that cleared it up some.
What does boss make? Like a DS 1, is that digital or analog?

EDIT: this will also sound stupid (i have never been big into pedals, but am looking to change that) but is it possible to have a spring reverb pedal? Once again I dont know how it works, just the sound.
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and yes, Digitech makes all digital effects

I see this a lot and it's simply not true, there are a fair few analogue Digitech pedals.

TS, the DS-1 is analogue. Boss make both analogue and digital pedals. Google can usually tell which are which.

Any reverb pedal in stompbox form will be digital. The only analogue reverb are spring and plate reverbs which are usually quite large units and definitely can't fit into a stompbox.
find the schematic, basically. and then do a google search to look up what type of chip it is (if you don't already know).

plenty of pedals claim to be analogue when they're digital, so that's not a foolproof solution (especially happens with delays, as there are a lot of "hybrid" type delays around now, which use a digital chip in a more analogue circuit design).

What makes it analogue or digital? well... this is getting beyond my pay grade, but the chip, i guess. if it's a digital chip it's digital, if it's an analogue chip it's analogue. things like resistors, capacitors, diodes etc. are analogue, as far as i'm aware.

ds1 is analogue. boss makes both analogue and digital pedals.

spring reverb can only really be emulated in a pedal, i think (though that dano spring king might have a spring in it, i dunno )

you can buy standalone valve-driven spring reverb units but they're like almost the size of an amp head.
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Pretty much every OD/DS/Fuzz is gonna be analog. Other than that, most modern pedals will boast if they're analog, and you'll find on the manufacturer's website they'll say 'all analog circuitry' every other sentence.
Thanks alot guys. Big help.
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