whats up. hopefully you guys dont realize i've made about 10 threads about picking out an amp, and cab, blah blah over the past few months.

i had decided i'd get the peavey 6505+ and mesa rectifier 2x12.

i bought the mesa rectifier 2x12, brand new condition, with a case 450$.

the same guy who sold me this, has a krank revolution 1, which sounded pretty sick.

im wondering what you guys think of this? the peavey 6505+ vs the krank revolution 1?

how much is different, how much do they usually run for? anything helps
its gonna be running through a mesa recitifer 2x12, thanks.

Edit: the krank is a revolution 1 original

im into bands like bullet for my valentine, avenged sevenfold, atreyu,

im into the sounds of zakk wylde, synyster gates, dimebag darrel
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I would prefer the Krank personally. If you're going for rock-hard rock get the Peavey for sure. I'm a fan of Dethklok's tone so Krank amps make me happy. The Krank will get a little more gain and DOES sound pretty amazing with a Mesa cab.
First off, I'd suggest you follow the stickies at the top of the board. Find the "We Need:" sticky and post your situation.

(Note: Judging mostly off of YT vids. I've played a 6505 112 combo, but never played a krank)

I personally don't like the clean channel on either one of them. I mean, it ain't bad, but it isn't all that great.

The high gain is obviously the seller. Krank will have like, a mix between an American and a British (think 50% mesa boogie, 50% Marshall). That;s what I'm getting out of it.

The 6505 is the standard for br00tz ball crushing high gain. If you play metalcore, GO THIS.

The peavey 6534 might be a good middle path.

both are very good amps. NosralTserrof has it right. The Krank is voiced differently than the 6505. I have played both amps and from what i gathered i would say that the Krank is a little more bassy than the 6505 but i find the 6505 has a little more tight gain. It also just depends how you EQ the amp and the effects your using. with the 6505 i use a overdrive EQ and Noise reduction. with the Krank i didnt use a overdrive but i did EQ and Noise reduce. It is all personal preference in the end. I would say play both and figure out which you really like tone wise. You wont be dissappointed by either.

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