Open the link in a new tab and avoid eye contact with the new tab to avoid the writing.

If you don't know the above users song/sound effect, wait and let somebody else post if they know the answer and try another. If you notice that nobody has replied in a few hours or whatever (give it at least 2 hours in the daytime, and 5 hours at nighttime... also think about different timezones), feel free to just simply say "no idea" after this and post your own.

Try not to make them impossibly hard. Try to make sure the game is at least somewhat known.

Also, the approx. time it took you to get it.

Obviously there's no proof of cheating, but where is the fun in that right? there's no real competition here, so try and think of other people and just have fun.

EDIT: if you accidently see the writing in the tab, disqualify yourself like a good sport and wait for another turn

EDIT #2: read the first 2 posts for an example of what can happen! if somebody only half guesses, it is still open for anybody to guess. Do NOT post another theme if you are not 100% sure.

Let's start!

This will start a RIOT! in me
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It's the encounter theme from one of the MGS games. I'll say...MGS III?

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Quote by necrosis1193
It's the encounter theme from one of the MGS games. I'll say...MGS III?

Close, but this is still open for anybody to guess by the way since you didn't answer it fully. I will also add this to the OP
This will start a RIOT! in me
Quote by olix95
definitely sonic adventure
i've played that game way too many times to not know

Correct sir, I have that track burned into my brain. Probably because I played it a billion times to get tiny animals to bring to the nearby Chao orphanarium.