I'm looking at getting the amp in the title there. I don't see them around a lot but I've heard that these heads alone go for as little as $300, which is a pretty good deal. What would be a good price to offer on the half stack? I haven't seen it in person yet but it's used, from pictures looks like good condition, and is a discontinued model.
In LA you can get a half stack between $400-700 depending on the condition.

Keep in mind these prices are lower then you would find in Canada. A head goes from $250-350 here.

Try to get the cab with the V30's in it.
I'm in canada, but gear here don't for as cheap as in the US. I've seen one on ebay for 400, still decent price. Its a decent high gain head that can be had for relatively cheap
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They are everywhere here in Kentucky. I'm not sure how prices are in Canada but I've seen halfstacks go for $400-500(USD) in my area.
I'm in Canada and got my head for $300. Some of the cabs are loaded with V30s. If it's that the case then definitely go for it. Either way it's a pretty good high gain tube amp for cheap.
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