Does anyone here know something about this guitar?


I am looking for a metal guitar under 300 euro and found this.

Also considering this one: http://www.thomann.de/nl/esp_ltd_mh_103qm_stb.htm

Anyone got any more ideas for a good guitar?

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the GRG170DX is a fantastic guitar for the price

i know because i own one

the trem can't handle dive bombs etc but it's good for a little tremolo

as for the ESP LTD 103QM it's probably a slightly better buy looks wise but i haven't played it so can't comment on that guitar, but as for the GRG170DX it's a great guitar for the price.
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the ibanez is a solid, albeit basic, guitar. I would pick it over the LTD mainly because I have an aversion to cheaper floyd rose guitars, as the FR trems tend to be of a low quality at this price-point.

the Ibanez is pretty basic, but it is well built and they generally play quite well. definitely an easy to recommend guitar