i found an old best buy gift card sitting around that i had forgotten about. its got $20 on it. what do i buy?

im leaning towards some cheap over the ear headphones or a computer game, but im not opposed to blowing it on something stupid. dont really want to throw in additional money, but i could if its reasonable or sensible.
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Well first of all, don't tell anyone about it, because I found out that if your friends know you have a gift card then that gift card becomes public domain and they're gonna make you buy them things.

I'd get headphones or something, I don't know what computer game you're gonna get that's much fun for $20 unfortunately. I'm not really sure what there is to buy at Best Buy for $20 that's not dumb.
Age of Empires collection? Call of Duty warchest? I don't know if they still sell those two, but they were cheap collections of classics, great deals.

Maybe a CD or two?
Spend it on drugs.
Keep 1 buck for a quick handjob from the homeless guy behind the bowling alley
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sounds dirty
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I'd tell you to buy a CD, but no one actually buys music anymore.

False, I ordered Defeater's Empty Days and Sleepless Night Thursday.

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I'd tell you to buy a CD, but no one actually buys music anymore.

I'm waiting for 3 CDs to come in the mail from amazon right now, beeeeyotch.
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