Hi Guys, i'm looking to buy myself a reasonably expensive guitar, its my first properly good guitar, so im being cautious
I'm in high school so i need something i can lug around alot, so no wierd shapes.
My budgets around £800-£1000 so yeah i like to think i have some good options.
I play a decent range of styles, although i play in a Metal band, so i need that kind of sound. However my heart lies in classic rock so i dont want it to be constantly screaming with gain.
I really dont want a Floyd rose, i god damn hate em'
either still or tremelo will be fine though tremelo is a bonus.
I've been looking at the Paul Allender PRS MkI, so whats the opinion on that?
so yeah just throw me some ideas and opinions.

Was going to recommend a used PRS CE22/CE24, they are absolutely phenomenal guitars that can cover all kinds of styles. I also would recommend looking at an Ernie Ball MusicMan Axis or Axis Supersport, maybe even a used JP6 if you can find one.

i hate being the guy asking this, but what kind of amp do you use?
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I use a marshall dsl50 head, and an unknown marshall cab can never remeber its name anyways its 300W
so you have a pretty good amp. if im not mistaken, the prs paul allender has EMGs. if your heart heart lies with classic rock then that'd be a horrible choice. it'd be a much better idea to get a guitar with high output passive pickups.
A PRS SE Custom 24 would certainly be good but im sure there are more guitars for that kinda money that youd like. im just a bit tired so i cant think of any.
you could give an SG a try, I"m not a big fan of gibson, but i will way I like the way it sounds for rock and its a solid looking guitar with a fixed bridge, I"d definitely say give all of your options a play if possible before you buy though, what I like might be much different from what you do for rock
you can do way better than a PRS SE with your budget if you ask me

prs (not se) would work. dv247 was blowing out the mira and starla Xes a while back. used you'd be able to get most of the normal models.

used patrick eggles are pretty sweet, too. you probably want the older 90s ones.

new you'd have japanese-made jacksons, ibanezes (prestige), even ESP (seen some deals recently, keep an eye out). one of the (japanese-made) charvel wildcards has a hardtail, so it might be worth considering, too.

probably a whole bunch of other things I've forgotten, too.
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i would take a serious look at Godin guitars. I'm not sure on the availability of them in the UK, but they offer excellent value, particularly in the upper-mid range bracket.

check out either a Velocity (the HDR basically makes the guitar sound more aggressive) or an LGXT, which is absolutely brilliant and has some really cool features