I want to get a handmade guitar and it will made in a manufacture. Here are the specifications (with some options):
- 7 strings
- 27" scale lenght, asymetric D shaped neck
- maple/wenge neck, neck-thru conscruction
- ebony fretboard (wenge fretboard for cost-cut)
- mahogany wing-body
- Hipshot bridre (or something cheaper for cost-cut)
- Schaller top-locking mini-tuners (or something cheaper for cost-cut, even without the locking function)
- Sublime pickups (maybe with sustainer), 2 humbuckers
- 1 volume, 1 switch
- oiled finish

The body shape will be very alike to the RG but with a cutaway like the Gibson M-IIIs had. The top will be arched.

I still need some suggestions, especially on the shape of the head. I don't have to much money and I live outside the USA (in Hungary), so some hardwares costs more to me. The luthier uses this shop.