hey there, so i recently bought a fender strat, and i have just finished changing the strings, after finishing up i noticed the bridge has raised substantially and is no longer flat on the body, so i know it just needs to be lowered but i have never lowered one before and i want to make sure i do it properly. so do i loosen the strings and then tighten the screws in the back of the guitar until the bridge goes flat?

any help is appreciated
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Sounds like you've changed string gauge so you'd have to adjust the truss rod too. If you don't know what to do your best bet is to take it to a professional, you might learn a thing or two when your there too

Hope this helps!

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Pretty much. When you're done, be sure to check the intonation and then check the height again. It may take a while of fiddling if you're new to it.
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Did you put heavier gauge strings on than the previous? You can just remove one of the springs out of the tremolo at the back to sort it out.
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i did yh. I was going to take it to a professional but i just cant afford it at the moment, so if its simple enough id like to give it a shot
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and i saw a kid drop his ice cream.
It's pretty simple. Basically you need to balance the tensions so the bridge is flush with the body (well, you don't need to, the synchronized tremolo was designed to float a couple of mm over the body, but for topic's sake that's what you're going for). Well, if you're planing on using the trem, you need to balance it closely, for lessening the amount of pressure you need to apply to the arm, but if you don't use the tremolo so much, just tighten away, or even just block it (inserting some material against the tremolo block so that it cannot move).

So you can either tighten the springs you already have (by tightening the screws on the string claw), or you can add another string.

The truss rod adjustment isn't really necessary; it's something you should do, but it's not something you need to do.
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