hi, im de fretting my guitar so i can play fretless and im going to need flatwound strings so i dont damage the fretboard, so can you tell me what gauge flatwounds would work best if its going to be in D standard, cause i heard you need heavier gauge if your changing from roundwounds to flatwounds??
11-50s should work perfectly fine as should 10-48. I use 11-50 on my fretless 6 without any issues. You'll need smaller gauges of flats because they have more tension than rounds. I use D'adaddio chromes by the way.
If you get a heavier gauage then I think you defeat the main point of flatwounds. To me half their appeal is that they're softer on the fingers.

But anyway, gauage depends on the scale length of the guitar, what sort of action you want to get (especially important with fretless builds) and what kind of tension you like to play on. For example, I use .10s for D Standard on a 25.5" scale guitar, but many people use .11s. For flatwounds, if you want to get equal tension, you'd probably want at least .11s. On a 24.75" scale guitar you'd want to go thicker.
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If you do a good job of epoxy-ing your fretboard you don't need flats, I've used rounds on an epoxy-ed neck for about 2 years without anything cocking up.

If you must go flatwound remember you (generally) get more tension for a given gauge. My choice is Thomastik as far as brand goes.

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