Hi guys, I'm having a clear-out and selling the following:
Ibanez RG350MDX (black with maple fingerboard, shark tooth inlays and edge trem) almost mint condition, £200
Laney BC50 Bass amp, 50W very good condition, the volume pot is a tad noisy when being adjusted. - £60
Tele parts: Neck + Bridge pickups, 6 Saddle bridge, Wired control panel with 500k pots. - offers please, not sure what makes these are as they came on my 'custom made' tele which I am selling for parts,
Vintage VJ6 (very good replica of the Jackson Dinky) in greyish grapphite Loaded Body, with HSS pickups and Licenced Floyd, - £60
Set of Silver 6 in-line Gotoh SMG tuners - £16
Set of black name-less 6 in-line tuners, very good quality -not chinese junk £12

Please email me at cl94@live.co.uk if you are interested in any of those. I shall get back to you fairly quickly.
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