hi im a noob guitarist here and i stumbled upon a tab of love story by sungha jung and on the score it shows this

am i meant to downstroke will palm muting the last 2 strings or something ;s its confusing
yah but i dont know how JUST palm mute the last 2 strings instead the all of the strings ;s since the tab before that is finger picking and then i have to straight away switch to that down stroke and then back to finger picking
It's not palm muting, it's fret-hand muting. Don't fret the notes at all, just place your fingers on them to dampen the strings.
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i dont think its fret hand muting since it isnt displayed in the video when sungha jung plays it
You could use your free fingers to softly rest on the strings marked with an X, depending on the amount of overdrive/distortion you use (not familiar with this song/ at all) you may want to rest more than one finger on each string, since if you use only one and use a decent amount of gain you risk triggering a harmonic.

If you use multiple fingers to mute a single string it gets muted at multiple locations = no harmonic.
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X= Do not hit the strings
(0)= Should ring from the last chord used (let ring from previous chord)
the others= hit 'em