Does anyone here have a Gretsch case? I am seriously thinking of getting a hardshell for my electromatic hollowbody. I have cases for my other 2 guitars (Epiphones) which I think is usually a good thing although I think 2 of my guitars have been scratched by a case- the door slamming on the guitar, and also the bottom of the guitar scratching while snugly fitting into the case.

I was sold a hardshell when I got my Gretsch in October but it was a very tight fit, and it was the best hardshell fit that they had in stock at the time. Recently I sold that case to a guy from craigslist for $65 and the Gretsch hardshell I am interested in is $100 which is about what my other hardshells were.

I just want to know from anyone else's experience, do these cases: have soft linings, have a door that will stay open, possible lock and key and a place for pics etc? I called the store I am thinking of ordering it from and they said they would order this for me if I am interested, I am wondering if I can have them put in on hold for me until I get a chance to look at it.

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Gretsch cases are very well made, I have one for my Jet, so I'm basing my knowledge off that version, not the hollowbody version.
really solid latches, and it has a lock and the key doesnt look like one you'd find with every other gretsch case.

yes its soft lining, very soft infact. has a spot under where the neck lies for picks / slide / capo whatever