I have one of these guitars that's going to be my first project guitar. Thing is, I bought it with everything already stripped out, leaving just the neck and body. Now I need to find a bridge for it. I've searched online and know that they had Floyd Rose II bridges, but can't seem to find one anywhere to purchase. So what I'd like to ask of you good folks is either somewhere I can find this bridge, or a suitable replacement bridge that isn't going to require a bunch of work to fit in.
Just get a Schaller Floyd or a FR Special or even a Gotoh, As far as I remember they are all direct swaps for the FR2.
Those are usually plywood.. just sayin.. before you do anything rash like buy lavish chocolate sprinkles to put on a turd.
Yes, I know it's plywood. It being my first project I didn't want to risk screwing up something that was actually...good.
FRII bridges suck BAD.. just saying.. Unless you are trying to to make this striker like it was stock.. Id definitely get another bridge.. NEVER in my life did i break so many strings than I did on a St600 with a FRII
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Yeah I know they suck, but I want something that will drop in without any modification so...