I've been wanting to add a piezo bridge to my guitar for a while now, and decided rather than spend out anything major on one, I would look into making one first.

Problem is, I'm very unsure as to the construction of these bridges.

Does anybody have any advice on where to start?
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When I messed around with piezo pickups, I bought a $5 piezo pickup on ebay (like this one) that was intended for a ukelele (since that meant it wasn't too long to fit under the bridge) and made a bracket that slipped over the bridge posts and sat under the body of the bridge, sandwiching the pickup between. I hated how it sounded, but if you had one that wasn't $5 and intended for a guitar it might sound ok. I'd recommend trying it without drilling holes/etc in the body for wires/etc first though so if you hate it, you're not screwed.

Oh, and I took a spring clamp and clamped it against the body in various places, and I found the sound was extremely dependent on where on the body it was. In general, the further from the bridge it was, the more bassy the tone was.
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