Hi all,

just looking for some input on purchasing a midi keyboard. It's mostly going to be used for me playing a piano/synth via a vst. Would like to hook it up through my PreSonus Audiobox 44VSL using Studio One 2 Producer as my DAW. Also have USB available. Price range, $600 or less.

Thanks, Tim
I've got a M Audio Axiom and it's pretty good. The keys are some what weighted, but it's not to the same extent as an actual piano. It however very easy to set up and use.
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The Axiom and the Akai (can't think of the name) are great keyboards. I have a cheap m-audio keystation 61es that I love I use it live and for simulated pianos. The axioms are nice and in my experience are great. Akai Pro also makes a great keyboard in the price range (I think it may be mpk but that maybe the name of the analogue synth).
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Got to touch the actual keyboard, felt good, didn't get to hook it up to a computer to mess with the library with it though. It may be my next midi keyboard.

This is actually the board I am getting myself for graduation after my second paycheck. I am a huge supporter of Aurtia and there soft synths. Great stuff! If you get the package above that you get like 6 full synths (instead of the basically best of library) and the keyboard for 600.
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