Ok so today I drove about 30 mins to a local store in hunt of my next amp. Im 90% sure I found it but didnt have the money today, so thatll wait for another day. but Ive been eyeing this pedalfor a while now and the store had one, and I deff over paid for it but w/e Ive been eyeballing this specific pedal for long enough so I thought why the hell not?


so the review:

first off this is an extremly well built pedal. I know I over paid, but I think this pedal was worth it. It comes in a funky green sparkle which is kinda cool. the blue LEDs are super bright which is great compared to my TS-9......... the entrie casing is made of metal, everything feels sturdy and Im deff gonna gig with it if I ever find the excuse to use a delay pedal live.

the back is held on by 4 screws which makes the entire enclosure super sturdy.

The placement of the input for the 9V adaptor is kind wier too. its on the side of the instrument input, but closer to the actual on/off button than the input which will make wiring on a pedal board a pain. another gripe with this thing is that its held on by 4 screws.... not convenient for battery changing. and lastly, Its really tricky to fit the 9v battery in there because there isnt much space. this thing feels pretty hefty for the small size and deff feels more sturdy than my boss or ibanez pedal(s). Btw is this pedal true bypass? kinda feels so. and Its very low noise. I have it in my FX loop after my noisegate and I cant notice any added noise from the pedal.

now how it sounds:

first off this is an analouge delay, meaning you can easily blow your ears out from feedback if youre not careful when adjusting settings. It sounds great and is very versatile, can do a slapback delay up to huge ambient post-rock-esque delays, and alot in between. you just have to be careful and spend the time learn what each knob does or you will complain about the delays feeding back into each other too easy.

It works great on a clean channel or on a high gain lead channel, just you have to re EQ the pedal entirely when doing so which isnt too hard.

The mod button is nice, very subtle, and almost too subtle but thats adjustable inside the pedal. and the button isnt very convenient for live use to turn mod on, but it is a delay pedal that offers modulation so take all of this with a grain of salt.

overal it is a great pedal, very sturdy, low/no excess noise and built for the gigging musician for the most part. I paid 163$ after taxes which is a bit steep but Im happy regardless. Versatile delayfor many uses. if youre thinking of buying it, just do it.


Great pedal for a good price
Sweet dude, HNPD!!!

You were mentioning the feedback thing. Are you using this in FRONT of your amp? Just curious what amp and how you had it setup.

I've been looking at these pedals as well. Im need a straight forward delay for a "reverb" type of effect. I like to have about 3-5 echo's that are very faint just to add a little "somthing" to my rythym guitars.
you can probably do that on this pedal, Ive only really played it 30 mmins to an hour tops so Im no expert yet. but the pedal is the last in my chain, in the effects loop. Its running in a 6534+ too.

when I say feedback, I dont mean the kind of feedback you get from high gain, I mean a feedback where each delay overlaps into the next and it becomes an endless chain untill you turn regen all the way off or turn the pedal onand off
ive got the same pedal, love it
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HNPD!!! I love my Carbon Copy. It has such a nice, warm repeat and you can do some cool shit with the it since it's analogue. Enjoy!
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