Hello, i just picked up a new Taylor GA-koa. I've been saving for a new acoustic for a long time. I wanted something in the 2 to 3 grand range. I think i've tried just about everything in that price range and the winner was the GA-koa. I know that guitars are really a personal preference but this thing just sounded better that anything in the store. And for me, Taylor's play better than any Martin or Gibson on the market (in my price range). I love the body style also, i'm not a dreadnought type of guy, they're just not comfortable to me. The action is really nice and fits perfectly in my hands. but the thing that put this thing above all the others, is the sound. The koa wood has this full and awesome bass tone. Really great for finger picking style, the bass notes just pop. The highs on this guitar are really smooth and full sounding and doesn't have that tinny sound that some acoustics have. well, enough with the jibber jabber...on with the pics

you lucky duck - that is one awesome sounding guitar. congrats!
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Very nice. Congrats. When you buy a Taylor, no one asks why! I had Guilds for years but I never want to discard another guitar due to the cost of a neck re-set. The Taylor bolt neck system makes a lot of sense.
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Nice, congrats
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Nice. I've got the same guitar but the 12 string version, and it's just insanely good. Good purchase!
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This looks class! Enjoy it man!
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This guitar looks absolutely perfect, I am so sad I will never be able to afford such a beaut!!