What do you guys think? Do regular people (i.e non-musicians) come to a show (lets say a typical rock/pop rock show) expecting to listen to awesome music, or to watch an awesome performance? How about if they were to pick one or the other?

(the next part isn't important, just background info)

My band just did a show today, which I thought went fairly well, although I will admit I made a lot of minor mistakes. Getting ready for the show, I thought that this time instead of being a statue on stage and playing everything perfectly (which I know I can do, and as a band I think we're pretty tight), I decided to worry less about playing perfectly, and instead just move around, interact with the crowd, and show physically that I'm having a damn good time (which I was). As a result I made a lot of mistakes, and overall my playing was sloppy, but that was expected (despite the practice I put into it).

My reasoning was that people (regular, normal people) come to a show to watch a performance and have a good time, not to just listen to music, which, in all honesty, I doubt they care about (I'm talking about a local band with original music). If they wanted to listen to the music, they would have gotten a CD or listened to it on the bands website.

What do you guys think?
Most people would want to see a good show, you can see someone as a musician, or an entertainer.
The way I look at is... if you put on a good show and really put all your energy into the show it's worth the few mistakes no one there notices. As long as your not being a total nut and ****ing completely then ****ing go out there and let it ****ing rip.
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I agree. If they just wanted the music, they could stay at home and listen to the "technically perfect" performance of it.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
I like to watch people who have an influence on my music and, ultimately, my life. The performances are usually great, and the music better. I feel more supportive to the artist when I watch them live.

Nothing beats standing for 12 hours in 95+ degree temps listening to some of the greatest blues players jam.
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Your normal average person doesn't even go to a show. People who spontaneously go to shows and actual fans are very few. For local bands starting out, that's just the way it is. For those people that do make it out, the performance as a whole is going to be completely critiqued against other local bands and music they regularly see. If your music is lacking, they'll think these are just a bunch of kids trying to play some crappy music and don't compare to band *A. If your performance is lacking, then your just a bunch of kids standing still on stage that don't know what they're doing and can't compare to band *B who always put on a great show.

Point being, you need both starting out and in the local scene to be able to really stand out in the crowd. If your not practicing your stage show, start doing it and get everything down perfectly.
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I don't know if you'd consider me "normal", but I go see bands that put on a good live show. I've seen "Weird Al" Yankovic and Jonathan Coulton in concert four or five times each because they just peform so well. Al's a riot and Jon's so easygoing and accessible. It's like you're hanging out with a guy you're friends with and he brought his guitar along, you know?

Plus, the goofing around he does with Paul and Storm. Can't find that on any album. Like, the last time I went to see their show in San Fran, Jon had to borrow Storm's guitar and accidentally spilled water on it while Storm was backstage. P&S came back out for the next number and a bunch of people in the front row were like, "Jon got water on your guitar, Storm!" and Jon was all like, "Shut UP, you guys!". Storm just gave him a look. It was priceless.

Stuff like that is why I go see shows.
Good music is part of a good show. If it sounds bad, people won't like it. If you're boring, people won't like your show, either.
Performance right!!

If you make a mistake, chance's are even you won't notice it.
Only if you like play it back on video you might notice it, but I'd rather see some guy headbanging and thrashing about on stage than some guy just sitting still, no matter how good they play