Will got a Ukulele just after Christmas, he had one lesson from a great Ukulele teacher, who suggested he play this Jazz Standard. Will was supposed to just play the chords I think the idea was keeping simple time with chords.

However Will decided he wanted to play the melody as well - this involved changing some of the chords in the music he was given (page from real book) as they didn't include notes from melody, and generally jazzing it up a bit. This is all his own work - no help from me (not that I would have been of much use).

The result is this http://www.youtube.com/user/phobkirk2?feature=mhee

Will has played guitar for a few years now, but the Uke is getting a bit of attention now I think partly because it's a fun instrument, but also possibly because it lacks all the rules associated with Classical Guitar.

Hope its OK to post here, after all the Uke is just a baby guitar.


Comments please... especially any Uke specific hints and suggestions for next tune to tackle.

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Absolutely love it! The young man has talent. I really like the fact that he's taken a jazz standard and made it his own. Jazz is probably my favorite genre. Most kids only want to play Justin Bieber... As my jazz instructor says - 4 chords and a cloud of dust.

I really like the last part. LOL. I'll have to try that with my guitars! Bravo!!!