Has anyone used them or heard anything about them? I'm looking at telecasters online and I've found a modded standard tele fitted with them, I've youtubed them and I can't find anything. I'm looking to try and get a John Mayer type tone but im also in a band that requires a more paramoreish tone and id rather have a guitar that can do both if possible.

Thanks in advance for help.
EMG single coils are very good. Assuming you have an amp that can make good use of them, you should be able to do anything you want with them that requires single coils.
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Just a roland cube 60 at the moment, but im wanting to buy a new one soon, I really don't know much about pickups at all (primarily play acoustic) anyone care to enlighten me on the difference between single coils and humbuckers.
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The EMG Telecaster pickups are great; though in every circumstance I would recommend the regular T models over the TC pickups; the TCs just sound like a cheaper, weaker version of the Ts. The Ts do a great job of nailing the Telecaster sound but with more consistent output, smoother response during bends and wider response on the bass strings. Plus the neck pickup doesn't get anywhere near as muddy as a normal Tele neck pickup. And of course they're entirely hum-less.

My only beef with the EMG Ts is that the flat black, white or ivory covers don't look good on most Telecasters, but if you happen to have a fairly modern-looking Tele then they'll fit in.
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