its almost time.....our band has a potential EP deal lined up for this summer I've been posting songs off and on that we've written over the past few years for feedback which, following this one, will be featured on the album. I'm really, really happy with how this particular track has turned out (and not just because I get a key solo....actually two! ) but as usual I want UG to verbally tear the track to pieces and criticize every detail before I can feel really satisfied with it.

C4C as usual, I may post a thread in a week or two with a guitar pro version of the EP in a zip folder if there would be any interest. Finally, once the album is recorded this summer it will be posted on UG for download!! \m/ \\m/
3. Hunter & the Prophet.gp4
Kurzweil K2500xs
Okay, listening to it.

Chorus I

That riff sounds very pleasurable to me, i like it. The change to the verse sounds good

Verse I

Very simple, it guess that some bass could work on it, it sounds to me very monotone

Prechorus I

It's okay, i like as the intro/chorus thing but i find it repetitive


Okay, good riff. I like how it feels. maybe at the at the 70 bar the drums could be more agresive (just an opinion)


Nice, i enjoy that part

Sythn solo

Yeee! This is what im talking about... The guitar change is good and the solo well, sounds very great

The next bars with the piano are awesome, i love it...

In general, i like the song (i dont lie about it) but i find it very repetitive in many ways so for me is a song for listen one time and then, well, a month later xD

C4C? Here https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1517803
" Living the world as the music makes me feel "
Always enjoyed your music man, this one's no different. The song's just generally got a real nice feel to it.

The chorus is catchy, good start to the song, it's gonna catch the listener's attention. Kinda reminds me of Killswitch.

The first verse is good too, really like the bright piano on the pre-chorus. The drums in bars 28-29 are cool. I like how you're keeping the piece varied on the verse repeats. A subtle touch I'd like to hear is if the guitar melody went high up in bar 49, kinda like a short sweep up, or scale run up, not necessarily fast though. But that's what I just imagined in my head that I wanted to happen, not that it'll really make much of a difference overall.

Really like how it all builds up during the Layers section and Chorus Reprise, I just like the subtle extra noises. Probably my two favourite parts of the piece. Not sure if it's GP but I thought it sounded a little odd when the first synth solo came in, but it's sick nonetheless. I just don't think I really like the guitar riff that happens during the solo and outro, I think the chord choices puts me off a bit too. Probably just personal preference there though.

The piano bit at the end is real nice, I love stuff like that being put in metal. Bar 144 was real nice in particular.

So yeah, just generally a solid piece. Nothing negative to say at all really, I think it's just the outro riff that I didn't like. And it's really cool to hear you've got a record offer too man, can't wait to hear your band's stuff properly. Oh and I finished my song finally, if you wanted to have a gander at it again.
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Seb1uk i've been listening your soundcloud, awesome tracks dude
" Living the world as the music makes me feel "
I completely agree with you that the guitars, or at least one of them, should be more riffy and have some added melodic work in there, perhaps some runs/sweeps like you mentioned, I'm just not as good at writing that sort of guitar stuff as I am at writing piano/synth/drums and arranging songs in general lol. I'm thinking Killswitch and old COB might be good places to get inspiration for that kind of guitar work.

As far as the "Layers" section goes, I think its a really bad transition from the Bridge beforehand. I was really trying to emulate some of the proggier, layers-ier stuff that I've heard here on UG and fallen in love with (usernames like Zakattack and RedDeath9 come to mind though there's many, many more) and I feel like a simple 12-bar fade out on one chord than fade in on another doesn't do it enough justice. So I'll continue working on that. I hear what you mean about the synth solo coming in a bit off, I think I just messed with the panning too much and it didn't work out lol. Lastly, I also think the outro guitar riff is pretty lackluster, me and the guitar player are currently working on that and hopefully it will get spiced up a bit. Glad you liked it (especially the piano part! I spent a few days on it)

btw, regarding the piano part, I'm not even sure if it is technically a Sonatina. Maybe somebody on here with more theory knowledge than me will know.
Kurzweil K2500xs
The form at the end is A B A1. Not quite sonata form but close enough.

As far a the song goes its great. Love how the keys parts support the guitar throughout. Really fills in the sound. Especailly in a live setting. Though I wish you'd do more comping like you did after the keys solo. Adds more texture. Also the solo was great.

My only tip and this isn't so much from a compositional perspective, but get a bassist. A good bassist (and I say a GOOD bassist) will do so much for your sound, especailly live. It sounds really empty without bass. The only thing holdin up the low end is the kick drum and that only goes so far.

You're absolutely right- we're going to need a solid bassist for a quality sounding EP and we're not going to be able to play live at all without one. I generally tab out what each band member plays during practice, while writing my synth parts on keyboard and in GP. Since we don't have a bass player (yet) I'm slightly hesitant to go ahead and put a bass track in because it would be lackluster at best and an actual bass player would write stuff on a completely different level of epic! Thanks for the crit, I'll get to yours asap
Kurzweil K2500xs