Just received my new S5470Q last week, and damn is it a nice guitar!

My only gripe with it is the hot grinder humbuckers (bridge and neck) are just a tad too hot for my tastes. The playability is great but I find that tone is sacrificed when you smash the amp with too much output. So I think I'm going to replace them with a Air Norton and Tone Zone for the neck and bridge. Those are more mid output warmer humbuckers that I think will complement the small mahogany body a little better.

But the last thing I want is to find that they actually have a similar tone profile to the hot grinders and the change is minimal. So if you've played a Hot Grinder before, whether or not you like it, what do you think of it? Do you agree with me that they're a little too bright or do you find them to actually be kinda warm? What DiMarzio pickup would you say they most closely resemble?

I'm of the opinion that most of a guitar's tone is NOT just determined by the pups. So you never really know how a change will sound until they're bought and installed.

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hmmm, I'm looking for really warm medium output pick up. More middy and bassy but with good clarity.