Hello everyone,
Does anyone else keep a 'journal' when you are working on an "album" of songs? I have a notebook full of songs, song ideas and stuff. Each page represents one song. I just like to do it so I have everything I need right in front of me if the song is worthy enough to be recorded. For example, my page layout will look like this

"Title" (I usually just name them BS titles until I find one, working titles I guess)
"Key and guitar tuning"
"Instruments" (Which guitar or which patch on my keyboard if I'm using that)
"Tempo, time signature"
"Lyrics" I scribble in a few lines that appeal to me right off the bat but I have a separate lyrics journal
"Song structure" (i.e. intro, verse, chorus, solo, bridge, breakdown, etc.)
"Producers notes" Effects, fades, EQ's, etc.

That's about it but I have 100 or so pages that follow this. Does anyone else do anything similar or am I just extremely OCD about it? I find it helps because then when I go run through my demo riffs, I can find the song's page and add to it and polish it before I really go and record it.