I have recently discovered that I dont enjoy playing guitar anymore, cause I constantly look at other people and I am like... a million years away from their level. Also, I find that there are so many things to learn, that I want to learn everything at once, and I am very confused and overwhelmed. These things get me depressed and I cant even enjoy music anymore. I wish I could go back to the state where I was a complete beginner (been playing for 2 years), because then the level of the songs didnt matter, I just played and enjoyed everything. Do you guys have any advice ?
Guitar is not a competition.

You've only been playing 2 years.

Virtuoso's have been all playing 20+ years.

Guitar is not a competition.

Don't compare yourselves to other guitarists. Everyone is different.

You get what you put in.

Practise more.

Well that's my small ramble done. Off to work i go :P
I suppose you do not take any lessons?
Sounds like my situations 2 or 3 years ago. Just try a different approach. Put some order into your learning. Focus on one thing at a time and take it step by step. My problem was that i did not have a clue of music theory (back then) and it seemed to me that i could never play the complicated stuff, because I could not understand what i had to play...
Try to get into music theory it will help you, because it's structured in a logical way and you really feel that your learning more and more while reading yourself through the different topics...

Best tip i could have given mate... cheers!
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Go through a method book of your level with thought. Practice what it says and more to build a solid base. When you remember scales, chords and arpeggios start creating your own songs and improvising. Of course learn some songs too.

Just keep your practice efficient by practicing small things you have problems with. Sometimes repeat one row of a song, sometimes one bar and sometimes just two or three notes. When you get better at even one small thing or memorize a couple of new things, you'll end the practice on good mood and keep coming back to guitar.
Dont be in such a hurry...how old are you anyways, because if you are young just keep playing and when you are older(if you kept at it) you will be able to look back at where you started and see the Improvement. I've been playing for 20 years, but of course im not a virtuoso at the Guitar and even though i can do leads etc, as i got older i dropped the whole "I must be the greatest" attitude with the Guitar...as it only impresses other musicians...the Audience these days wants to hear music created by a band, they are only short term impressed with a Flashy Impressive Guitarist...
As slash said in something I was watching last night, "I'll never get to the point of being that good at guitar that'll have to stop playing" you practice guitar to get better... Just keep practicing and one day you'll be as good as the people that are years ahead of you playing
Everthing depends on the your mentality - do you want to be able to play music or just be a master of all techniques? Just play the stuff you like. Not everyone can play everything; even people like Vai or Satch are not masters of everything - there's a lot of people out there who can outplay them in the genres of country or metal etc.

Just focus on the music that you enjoy man.
Honestly, stop worrying about the how far ahead of you other guitarists are. There is always someone better than you. Just enjoy playing, the level of the song still doesn't matter.
that feeling sucks, it really does. feeling that your a million miles away from playing the stuff you value. i hit that wall, so did everyone else. but i hit it 8 years in lol. eventually you learn to block most of this feeling out, and focus on what you have to do to reach your goal. and it all comes down to how you prioritize your learning.

what i would suggest for you now is to learn how to learn. sounds insane, but you need to sort out what it is you need to learn in order for you to get to your goal. i.e. whether its chords, scales, modes, theory, technical skills etc and how your going to approach learning them. write it all down in a pad and focus on 1 thing at a time.

some other advice, 2 years in? your still a beginner man!
Quote by Freepower
Honestly, stop worrying about the how far ahead of you other guitarists are. There is always someone better than you. Just enjoy playing, the level of the song still doesn't matter.

Just like my father always says, 'there is always a faster gunslinger'

I used to think I was rubbish after playing for 2 years, you get over it though once you know your limits, your strengths and everything in between.

Now a days I'm more discouraged by female shredosaurous' and 12 year old asian prodigies, never the less I stick to my guns, because even though they may appear technically more proficient, they still don't have your influences and style
Quote by Freepower
Honestly, stop worrying about the how far ahead of you other guitarists are. There is always someone better than you.

Unless you're Shawn Lane, master of music, the guitar, and everything.
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There's no winner. There's no prize at the end for the "Best"

Just music.

Join a band. Jam with friends. Play a different genre. Play a nice song you can sing-a-long to. Entertain people. Play a Monkee's song and get people singing along and having fun.

Frank Zappa... "Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar"
I wouldnt worry one bit about how far "ahead" people are.
I think someone mentioned it here already, your average person doesnt really care for flash guitar virtuosos.

If i were you, i'd concentrate primarliy on song writing. And some here will probably laugh and think that as not even being a guitar technique. But it will get you - 99 times out 100 - further than being able to sweep 20 notes a second.

Everyone hits that wall at some point where they feel they're behind in some way, just take a step back and think about what you really want to learn and take your time.

When i was 7 i had grade 3 theory and practical doing classical guitar but i moved and didnt play for 7 years. I couldnt remember a thing when i picked up guitar again but I cant say i regret it because however im at where i am today im happy with. Yeah i could've been insane by this age, but i also could have got bored when i was 10 and never picked it up again.

So just do what you wanna do and nothin more!
Always waiting for that bit of inspiration.
Dont compare yourself to other guitar players. No matter your skill level, you can always find someone that is better than you. Keep your goals in mind and work to achieve them.

I always advise having a good guitar teacher. They can help you get the results that you are looking for and prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.

Remember guitar is a tough instrument to learn and you are not going to learn everything overnight.
Good advice here. I'm an old fart who decided to begin learning two years ago. I suck a lot less than I did, but the important thing is that I'm having a blast.

Be patient. Stay with it.
Quote by W4T3V3R
If i were you, i'd concentrate primarliy on song writing.

I'd have to agree with this. A few months back I hit a bit of a wall after playing for 7/8 years, so decided to bone up on some more theory and focus on writing songs with certain moods to them. It's definately open a few boxes just by experimenting and saying like "right I want to write an uplifting riff, lets experiment with some chord structure's/progressions", it's almost like getting say a new video game or computer or something and just pressing all the buttons to figure out what does what.
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