Hey man, that was a pretty good cover. The song might be a little high for you to sing but you did your best. Next time you might want to lower the key of the song so its more in your vocal range. Also the strumming was pretty intense through most of the song and it made it hard to hear the lyrics at some points. Theres a couple things to fix but practice makes perfect. Keep up the hard work man. The link to my YouTube page is in my sig. Id appreciate your thoughts on any of the videos ive done

Yeh the song is way outta my range, I actually have a very very hard time playing this song, I just gunned it-- the strumming is ridiculous, I tried, leaves me feeling "meh". I'll defin. check out your stuff brother, thanks a lot for the comment.
I thought it was pretty good,but I could not hear the singing loud enough to judge it. I liked the forceful strumming. The recording sounded like it was in stereo, was it a stereo kind of mic?
Thanks man I appreciate it. We all gotta pitch in and help each other out. Like I said keep practicing and youll get it. Its tough now but nothings better than learning to play an awesome tune that youve had a hard time playing
Gotta agree with my good chum rollingstones, changing up the strumming pattern would really give it a bit more life. Maybe try sticking a capo on there or tuning the guitar down a half step to get it into a more singable key? The Beatles sung crazy high sometimes, not surprised that you had a hard time with it. Keep it up though, not a bad cover at all
Feel free to crit me back if you can, and I recommend checking out rollingstones' channel too
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Always up for some C4C, been compared to Frank Turner, The Cure's Robert Smith and Bruce Springsteen so check out my stuff if you like the sound of that
veggielover : Thanks, I'll take note of that for other videos I may make in the future, no there was no stereo mic, I just put the camera on the ledge and pressed record, everything is organic (mistakes and all :P).

rollingstones : totally diggin' it man, I agree 100% that's such a great feeling.

Paddy McK : will do mate, thanks!!