I'm new to the forums, and I hope my fellow UG-ers can help me with (what I consider to be) my dilemma.

Practice sessions.
Very common question, but I don't feel like searching pages and pages of people asking the same thing. I don't really know where to start. Sometimes I practice the simple walking bassline, or the pentatonic scale. After that, I'm dumbfounded. I wouldn't know what else to practice. Anything I should know about/need to learn?

I have an SX SBP-57 short scale lefty bass, and the amp that comes with it. Now, when I pluck/pop the higher strings, the amp would start to make popping sounds too. This also happens when I leave it on for a while/turn it off properly. Is there something wrong with my amp/bass/technique?

I hope you fine chaps could help me with this.
Learn a song.
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You have a cheap amp. We all use the search function, but a lot of helpful people are here too. You aren't going to make any of them want to help you by insufferable and demanding.
Good practice stuff:
Songs obviously!
Other scales!
Sight reading!
Arpeggiated chords!
Other techniques--pick, tapping, etc.
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That's too vague of an amp problem for me to know what's wrong, but if it's a beginner kit practice amp, it's probably on it's way out. I say play it to death and get a new one when it finally goes.