Here's a tune I wrote a while ago that I decided to upload yesterday. I also posted it on my facebook page, and I once added Rob Poland, the founder of CandyRat records, as a friend (just because he posts nice videos etc) and he actually saw it and commented "groovy" on it, and that really blew me away and made me really happy, haha!

Well, please tell me what you think of it!

You have a great sense of rhythm and I can see you're not just plucking to make it technical. Really enjoyed it mate, great talent.
Thank you very much for listening and for the nice words! I usally don't strum in my original tunes and I almost always start with some arpeggiated chord thingy, but it just felt right to strum some of the parts in it. Thank you once again!
cool song bro, i can see why he said groovy, its sounds like an interesting fusion of jazz and latin stylings. I'd buy an album of that
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Very good playing young man. I especially like your sense of rhythm and your use of dynamics.
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Haha, thanks people, you're flattering me! I really appreciate that you listened and commented. Rythm is actually my weakest part and what I've been trying to work on the most lately, so I'm happy you think so, BlackbirdPie!