I have a nashville mexican tele. It has 3 pickups, one single coil in the middle. I like them, they have a good bite on the sound, but I want pickups that could add a little bit more of sustain, and most importantly twang and a little bit of fatness (from the bridge). I was thinking of getting the Nocaster pickups, I've been told they can do the job.

But, what could be an appropriate single coil to add on the tele? I want a bright one, with twangyness but well responsive, too.
i don't know if you can buy them individually, i'm sure you can, but the texas specials are awesome. if you wanna look into the realm of custom shops then i would suggest fralins, i haven't used a fralin loaded tele but have heard what they sound like and they sound great. i'm just guessing that your setup isnt a traditional pickup setup for a tele...what are the other two pickups? Lipstick?

i'm sure if people decide to throw in suggestions you'll get a plethra of options
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well
How much have you got to spend?

Harmonic design make the STP which is meant to be a telecaster styled pickup in a single space.. I've never played one however.

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I've heard nothing but good about the Nocaster pickups. I've got the Original Vintage pickups in my Tele, and they sound really good for the price.
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