I'm planning to buy a new guitar but I can't choose between the GIO models of Ibanez or Epiphone Les Paul 100 or Special II. I'm not a metal player. I mostly play rock, alternative and pop songs. I just wanna know which guitar will be more worth my money. Please help?
If you have smaller hands I think the epiphone will feel better to you. I personally prefer epiphone, better for what you're talking about as well, generally.
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what is your budget? because I would buy none of those you listed.

Maybe look at a used Epi LP standard/studio or Squier Classic vibe/VM
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I have an Epiphone myself and it's been unbeaten by any other guitar I've bought. My friend has an Ibanez that I've played and although I might be bias, I really think it doesn't come close to being as good as my Epiphone.

Plus a Les Paul is generally better than an Ibanez for rock type things.
Neither. Since you mention what styles you play, I can infer you already own a guitar? Wait a while and save up for something that will really be worth it - a more upmarket Epiphone or somesuch.
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Those guitars are shite. Buy a used lp standard.

Beat me to it.

Get a Standard used.
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