Hi there,

I've chatted about this a bit before but am still having issues setting up a blend pot on my Japanese Gibson Marauder clone.

I originally got a pot which wasn't quite the right type and it only afforded me three different sounds (neck, bridge or both). I ascertained it was the wrong type so I ordered one of these from Stewmac - http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Electronics,_pickups/Potentiometers/Blend_Pots.html

Spent an hour soldering it all in today.. set up like this:http://www.stewmac.com/freeinfo/Electronics/Pots/i-4137.html

But now I have, neck, both, bridge and completely off.

I don't understand... Might as well just have a toggle switch! I was hoping to be able to gradually blend the bitey neck pickup in with the beefy bridge to find my ideal tone....

What could I be doing wrong?

cheers in advance for any help...
Hi, thanks for replying!

I checked the wiring and the output was on the top right instead of the bottom left. The earth was also attached to the casing of the blend pot as well as off to the tone pot, so I undid this. I think I am getting more of a blend now, but to be homest it's very subtly - with three distinct sounds still and possibly very gradual differentiation between them.

Still goes to zero when turned fully to one side though...



Quote by LeviMan_2001
That pot shouldn't make it go completely to quiet. Did you really truly wire it up exactly as it shows?
Hi again folks... Still taxing my mind as to how I can make this work... I have the pot wired like this for sure...
The pot turns all the way around but thesre is only any noticable difference in the 1.5-2 cms of play around the centre detent... Pot still completely switches off when turned all the way anticlockwise..
Do you think it's a dodgy pot? Could there be an issue with wiring elsewhere that is causing this?


looking into the blend pot mod for a hss strat with coil tap switch. master volume, tbx as master tone. ive seen available in both 250k and 500k...but Im not sure which to go with. would it make sense to put a .047 resistor on the 500k so its "fooled" into a 250k since it will be blending both single coils and the bucker?