I wanted to get 2x 16ohm speakers but found a pair of nice g12 65s both at 15ohm.

I currently run my 8ohm cab with 2x 16ohm speakers into my sound city at 8ohm.

Is it ok to do the same with the 15ohm celestions?

Thanks, Luke.
yeah i think so

don't quote me, but i think so EDIT: i imagine that's what's happening in my lionheart cab, so yeah, i assume it's probably ok.
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Yes it is fine... The 1/2 ohm difference isn't going to make a difference. You need to remember that the impedance rating isn't fixed, it varies with frequency (and it can vary more than you would expect!)

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Yes. That's 13 ohms of dc resistance. Impedance is the geometric sum of the resistance to both dc and ac. Resistance you measure on a multimeter is always less than the total impedance of the speaker.
You'll be fine.
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Enjoy, they're great speakers.

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