so I've been writing alot of music, and i can tell it's not bad, i just kinda need other people to play it with. I've tried just about everybody in my school, but there are alot of bands in my school, and I moved to the school kinda late in the game. Where else can I find people who are looking to be in a band? I've been thinking about the school of rock thing and joining it just to find other people, and last week i even kinda stalked guitar center, "trying out" guitars near the bass section. Where else can I find younger people who play?
I was going to say go find a good bar, but you're a kid, so that won't work. Uhhh have you tried just asking the people in those bands if they want to jam, rather than play in a band with you? It's a good way to rope 'em in, I think.
If there are a lot of musicians in your school, don't be all, "Who wants to be in a band with me?"

Rather, just approach musicians you like and say, "Hey, want to get together and jam this weekend?" Keep it casual until you figure out if you have chemistry. Then worry about being a band.
I have been having a similar problem since I left high school. I used to jam/be in bands with alot of people in high school. But I graduated, didnt go to college, and havent found anyone to jam with in quite a while. Lost touch with my old friends. But I will be 21 soon, so i figure open mics at bars and places like that will be a good place to meet other musicians.
If you want to jam in/around Mooresville NC message me.
Ask people around school. Maybe some of your friends used to play and have a spare guitar, drumset, whatever and wouldn't mind learning again. It's great to enter with people you already know. Maybe your friends play and you just don't know it? That's how my band started, our drummer had been playing for 2-3 years, I didn't even know! (Had never been to his house).

Failing that, you can also put up fliers. Hot Topic and other stores related to your style of music will usually let you put up a piece of paper on a board. Music stores (Guitar Center, Sam Ash, local Mom&Pop stores) will almost always let you put up an ad looking for band mates.

No really.
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Hang around muscians near music equipment.
Spontaenous jam sessions are bound to occur, I played the riff for "Sad But True" by Metallica on guitar and out of no where some random drummer started playing the entire song with me.
Shit like that is awesome.