I've recently started recording and it's all going really well but as I don't have a drum kit or anything like that I'm forced to use midi tracks for the drums which sound thin, awful and drag down the entire recording. Is there any sort of program or tricks I can use to make a midi drum track sound deeper and more realistic? I'm using cubase 5 if that's any help...
Use a drum machine, Addictive Drums, EzDrummer,etc.
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Superior Drummer beats everything.

If you know how to mix them properly and can use triggers on the snares and kicks But yeah, Superior's Metal Foundry kit with a Metal Machine kick blended and a Metal Machine and Paramore Snare (don't knock it, it's ****ing amazing) blended is one of the most amazing metal kits I've heard.
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Superior Drummer beats everything.

For metal maybe.

For most other things nothing beats Battery 3's 23,000 samples. Not to mention the VSTi doubles as a sampler with humanizing, compression, eq, and more. When I use my own samples I usually load it into Battery 3 as well. Worth all $200.
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