Hey folks, just wondering if anyone has any tips for barre chords, particularly moving between barre chords. I can play them fine, it's just going from an open chord, to a barre chord, or to another barre chord of a different shape, that's where I have the slight difficulty.

There's always a bit of a delay, as opposed to constant open chords. It isn't terrible, but it isn't great either. But I've only been playing guitar for just under a year, and I'm still learning , as you always are with guitar.

Is it maybe just a case of constant practice & the 'touch-based memory' thing, where you remember where the chords are based on your fingers naturally falling into place?

I've found that if i'm using my pinky, ring finger and middle finger on an open chord, such as Am, and i'm going to Bm, or Cm, it's very easy, I can just slide up and barre with my index finger.

But if i'm going from E to Bm, it's difficult... I don't really know why though, i can move between open E to Am in my sleep, so i don't really see why i find it tricky.

Anyway thanks for reading, hope you can help
yeah, when i first started had the same problem. just keep on practicing you'll get it right!
It's over simplified, So what!

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It's just straight up practice. Practice lifting your fingers on and off the strings for the chord: Hold them up in the air, then place them on the chord shape. Keep doing that for a bit so your fingers adjust to going from in the air to the chrod you want.

After that practice slowly changing them. You might want to do a slow arpeggio instead of a strum so you can make sure all the notes ring out fine.
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Just practice different chord changes, and don't get frustrated with yourself if you can't bar fast enough.
Focus on your index finger first, and make sure you bar well, then add the other fingers of the chord; then when you have the whole chord formed, pick each note and make sure that all of them ring clearly. From there just practice some more changes.

Here's a couple you can work on:

C to F
D to B minor
E to C#m
F to Bb
G to B minor
A to F# minor
B to F# major

Good luck!

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